The Danny Dog Training

The Danny offers four types of training services to dogs in Derby County and surrounding Kansas areas: Group Classes, Private Lessons, Refresher Training, and Boarding Training.

Group Classes

The Danny encourages you and your pet to have a dog gone good time while learning basic obedience. All training areas will provide  a great opportunity to enjoy working with your pet and other pet owners. Our trainers are all experienced and only use positive reinforcement. All group classes are small and personalized to the dogs in the class.


Basic obedience will help you teach your dog how to control his behavior with positive reinforcements. The goal is to learn how to have a well behaved dog while having fun. Whether your dog is a cautious learner or a rising superstar, they can learn at their own pace with our levels training classes.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are conducted either at your house or at The Danny’s Farm based on your preference and trainer recommendation. Private lessons are geared specifically toward your dog’s needs and your family’s needs, and can address a wide range of behaviors and skills. A pre-lesson meeting will be arranged to discuss goals, expectations, and methods. All training is positive reinforcement only.

Refresher Training/Tricks Training

Refresher training is generally conducted during daycare or boarding stays and focus on improving skills on behaviors the dog already knows (sit, come, stay, etc). Tricks training teaches a specific fun trick during daycare or boarding stays (paw/high five, roll over, etc). All training is positive reinforcement only.

Boarding Training

Boarding training is training done while a dog is staying at The Danny’s Farm and is private training focusing on specific skills pre-arranged between owner and trainer. Boarding training must be followed up by two meetings after the boarding stay: one at check out at The Danny and one at home after. All training is positive reinforcement only.